Relaxing spa with homemade cucumber face mask

You may be wondering why there are too many strange things about cucumber including 10 side effects of cucumber, and now, how to apply homemade cucumber face mask correctly. You may be going to say that I’m as strange as cucumber 😀

Actually, it’s not complicated to apply homemade face masks; however, we sometimes do it by instinct and habit. Like me, I often applied face masks whenever I was free (morning or noon, or evening). And this is not the right way indeed. So how to apply homemade cucumber mask correctly? Here we go.

Apply homemade cucumber face mask



  • Cover the mask before bed time.
  • Use salt water to wash cucumber.
  • Keep face mask in fridge before using it for coolness.
  • Use cucumber which are still in good condition.
  • Clean face and hands carefully before preparing and applying the mask.
  • Carry out daily routine skin care after the mask for best result.
  • Apply sun cream on face before going out.
  • Frequency in apply homemade cucumber face mask is maximum 3 times a week.


  • Cover the mask when your facial skin is in sensitive conditions. It’s when you have peeling skin, or acne or blood vessels showing through skin. Covering cucumber in this situation will make your skin thinner.
  • Apply homemade cucumber face mask at the wrong time. This will reduce the absorption of vitamins and minerals to skin. Also, the skin will catch a lot of dust easily. For best result, apply the cucumber face mask before you go to sleep at night.
  • Go out right after the mask. Your skin will get sun tans very quickly.
  • Skip washing face before applying the mask. If you don’t clean your face carefully, the pores are still closed. Therefore, nutrition can’t be absorbed completely.
  • Use old cucumber for the mask. When cucumbers are old, vitamins and minerals are lost or destroyed. Your skin can’t receive any benefits from the mask then.
  • Skip covering your eye areas. Cucumber face mask can help your eyes relaxed and fresh. So you should not ignore them.
  • Store cucumber juice in fridge more than 3 days. Long storage will destroy all nutrients of the cucumber mask. You should prepare sufficient amount of cucumber juice for one-time mask.
  • Keep cucumber face mask on face more than 30 minutes. Keeping the mask too long on your face can cause an irritation, and harm the skin.
  • Use cucumber face mask more than 3 times a week. Applying the mask many times in a week is not a good idea to have better result. Use of the mask in excess may suffer your facial skin due to redundant nutrients. Consequently, it may make the pores opened and cause skin allergy.
  • Slice cucumber in thick With thick slices of cucumber, the circulation happening under your skin will be faster. It may maximize the pores and increase skin allergy.

Relaxing spa with homemade cucumber face mask

Every of face masks is beneficial, but in right way of use. It’s same to cucumber face mask. Remember to apply it in correct way to maximize the effects with homemade cucumber face mask. And for the best result, your patience is always required.

I hope you can pick up some helpful stuff from this blog for your skin care. And you will also want some amazing health benefits of cucumber.

Do you have any experience in homemade cucumber face mask?

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