Fine Repair Veil

Fine Repair Veil
Fine Repair Veil - a mysterious journey

I have oily skin which causes a lot of inconvenience for me in communication and makeup. The skin with oil is always shiny and dull that looks terribly. Oily skin also leads to acne flare-ups. Additionally, it makes the pores opened. I used to be tired from fighting with my oily skin. I had to learn how to live with it as friends. Always, I had to use tissue or handkerchief to adsorb oil from my skin. It was horrible at that time. But I’m quite happy now. Reason? Because I’m having Fine Repair Veil now. It works perfectly!

Fine Repair Veil – a mysterious journey

Fine Repair Veil
Fine Repair Veil

In a trip to Vietnam two months ago, I found this amazing Fine Repair Veil at Nuty Cosmetics shop.  This shop sells many worldwide branded cosmetics with affordable price compared to other stores in malls. The staff of Nuty Cosmetics are really nice, devoted and professional. They give clear and coherent consultancy in products to customers. I definitely come back Nuty Cosmetics next time when I travel to Vietnam again.

Back to my discovery about Fine Repair Veil, while I was looking for Korean-branded sunblock, I talked with the consultant about my oily skin. So she introduced this makeup base – Fine Repair Veil – to me and guided me how to use it in right way. Though I was not one hundred percent sure that the cream would work, I decided to take a risk and picked it up. It was a risk because it’s not cheap at all and what if it wasn’t effective to my skin.

Fine Repair Veil – makeup base chitosan moisture ingredients

Surprisingly, the cream hasn’t disappointed me up to now. I apply Fine Repair Veil every day. After applying Laneige Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist, I use little cream of Fine Repair Veil, no

Fine Repair Veil
Fine Repair Veil

oil appears on skin any longer. Such a magic! Really! Without additional makeup, my skin is still moisturized, bright and soft. The skin is not dull or oily. The pores are minimized. The effective duration is quite long. After 12 hours, the skin still looks good and no oil appears. (I apply the cream at 6 in the morning, wash face at 5.30 in the evening). I don’t have to use makeup powder either. (Before that, along with tissue or handkerchief, I needed makeup powder to adsorb oil from skin for dryness). The special areas of oily skin (T shape: forehead, nose and chin) are safe with Fine Repair Veil. I’m extremely satisfactory with this product.

Sometimes, I try it with additional makeup including BB cushion, blush and powder. The effectiveness of this makeup base is even more wonderful. My colleagues are surprised at a great change of my skin: minimized pores and bright, not dull or oily any more. They asked me if I did something to my skin. I said: “No, but Fine Repair Veil.”

Fine Repair VeilAFC Fine Repair Veil – makeup base – flawless perfection in seconds

A good makeup base is a key to keep your make-up looking fresh and gorgeous till end of a long day.

AFC Fine Repair Veil (ファインリペアベール) is day cream and makeup base that erases imperfections, minimizes pores and softens the appearance of wrinkles and lines for a flawless finish. A tiny dollop smoothens and retains moisture for skin.

Product description:


Bio-Repair Extract, Chitosan, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed silk, fermented red apple, Vitamin C, BG, etc.


Fine Repair Veil
Fine Repair Veil
  • Remove oily shine and minimize the pores.
  • Even out skin surface
  • Balance oil and moisture for skin.
  • Conceal minor imperfections and lock in moisture for intense.
  • Soften and fill in wrinkles and lines.
  • Hold makeup longer for fresh-looking appearance.


Remarkable hydration: AFC Fine Repair Veil contains Chitin and Chitosan that forms a protective, moisturizing, elastic film on skin surface. They hold moisture and ensure optimal hydration throughout the day. The compatibility of Chitin and Chitosan creates high adherence to skin surface.

Erase imperfection: The cream is dual-function makeup base working ideally to conceal skin imperfection, minimize pores and remove unevenness for a gorgeous appearance.

Prevent cellular aging: Vitamin C – a potent antioxidant – contained in Fine Repair Veil boasts excellent anti-aging properties and absorbs deep through skin layers to fight free-radicals and keeps premature aging at bay.

Repair and protect skin naturally: Fine Repair Veil contains proprietary Bio-Repair Extract, comprising a blend of hydrolyzed collagen and hyaluronic acid and two skin-repairing plant extracts to lock in moisture for lasting dewy finish. Also, they help to reduce the appearance of sagging for firmer looking skin.

How to use:

  • After a layer of refiner, apply a sufficient amount of fine repair veil.
  • Start from wider areas like forehead and cheeks.
  • Spread it to cover entire face.
  • Gently tap to blend well into skin.
  • Follow with foundation and usual makeup application.

AFC Fine Repair Veil – Your choice, your charm!

If you also have oily skin like mine, you can try AFC Fine Repair Veil – makeup base chitosan moisture ingredients. This product is made in Japan, by AFC – the leading brand in Japan.

If you are using this product, don’t hesitate to share your experience with me and other readers.

Additionally, you can check the herbal face masks for oily skin here.

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