United Dreams Live Free Eau de toilette natural spray for her

United Colors of Benetton United Dreams Live Free For Her. 

Hanging out with friends in the afternoon. Passing by United Colors of Benetton. Planning to have a window shopping only because I’m having lots of clothes in my wardrobe. While I was at the kid area, one of my friend pulled me to the perfume section – her favorite. Frankly, whenever I shop in United Colors of Benetton, I mainly get dresses. I hardly ever go through perfume area due to undiversified collection. But today I fell in love with United Dreams Live Free For Her. It’s the love at first smell, really.


As you know, United Colors of Benetton is one of the best-known fashion companies in all over the world. Benetton is a responsible group that plans for the future and lives in the present, with a watchful eye to the environment, to human dignity and to a society in transformation.

In 2014, Benetton launches the new collection of fragrances United Dreams. Live Free is one of three feminine fragrances having positive message to believe in your dreams.

No Dreams, No Change!

Without dreams, I don’t have motivation and effort to achieve my targets. Without dreams, I have to face with a boring reality of life. I can’t indulge my passions at work, in life and social activities when I don’t have a dream. My creation is in a limit and I’m not living for myself when I don’t dare to dream. Without a dream, I chase nothing. But with a dream, I always try to overcome the difficulties and challenges for successes. With a dream, I can live freely. With a dream, I make a better change for my life. This truth is also affirmed by United Dreams Live Free: no dreams, no change!

United Dreams Live Free
United Dreams Live Free

United Dreams Live Free Eau de toilette natural spray for her

“Freedom gives us opportunity to be ourselves and to express who we are fearlessly and without biases. Live freely!

It is more than a word, it is a universal aspiration. It’s a right, not a privilege.

Something that the women who came before us fought for and which we are still fighting for today. The thing that gives us the right to be ourselves to express who we are without fear and without prejudice.

Live Free! Be inspired by your ability to dream. Because whatever we have now was a dream. United Dreams.”

The message shown outside the box and on the bottle of United Dreams Live Free is positive and profound. It somehow inspires and brings out natural passions to women. The design of the product is pretty nice and elegant.

Among of three fragrances, I love the smell of United Dreams Live Free most. It’s an energetic and refreshing scent, indeed. With Stay Positive, its aroma is little stronger, even than Love Yourself.

United Dreams Live Free
United Dreams Live Free

Here is the composition of United Dreams Live Free eau de toilette natural spray for her:

  • Top Notes – Radiant Personalitythe strikingly fresh Yuzu + bergamot + crisp, fresh green apple
  • Heart Notes – Femininity and Originality: spiced floral middle notes + the character of the notes of tea
  • Base Notes – Sensuality and Seduction: exotic and sensual woods + the comfort of amber + the transparency of the musk notes

Someone says the longevity of this fragrance is just about 3 hours. But I tried and after spraying, the scent could last for more than 9 hours (I sprayed United Dreams Live Free at 6am, and the fragrance is still at 5pm). Cool! And the aroma will last longer when I spray on clothes.

You can daily use United Dreams Live Free at work or school, or hang out with friends. For party, you need other perfumes with stronger aroma.

Price of United Dreams Live Free is affordable. 80ml bottle costs only Indian Rs.1900, equivalent to US$28. It’s quite cheap for a worldwide brand like United Colors of Benetton.

In case you have never tried United Colors of Benetton’ perfumes, you can start hunting for United Dreams Live Free, or Stay Positive or Love Yourself, or all of the collection.

If you are using Benetton’s perfume, share your experience with us. Which aroma do you like most? How long does the scent stay on your body?

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