relax and enjoy with cloudlessness and mildness

Is there a little sunshine on a rainy day? These days, the weather in India is behaving like a girl who is sour and scornful. She can totally make us relax and enjoy with cloudlessness and mildness in the morning, but suddenly increase the temperature at noon, and be angrily stormy in the evening. Sometimes, she welcomes us to another new day with a big smile and happy face while gentle wind is playing with sunlight early morning. Few hours later, she becomes annoyed suddenly with smoke comings out of her ears and a flammable head. She seems to be pointlessly angry with someone (or her boyfriend), so her mood is affected and keeps changing continuously. Even we have just adapted to balance and calm under her agitation for a while, it is raining cats and dogs immediately. Heizzz, she is a totally complicated and sniveling girl. Oh my gosh, she’s driving us crazy with gloomy and rainy days. As a consequence, our mood is also impacted.

little sunshine on a rainy day

So will you let the weather run its course or will you bring something about to cheer yourself up while waiting for its return of joy? I’m sure that you always have your own ways to adjust and fall in line with various situations. As always, there’s a little sunshine on a rainy day.

Floral dress – little sunshine on a rainy day

For me, I often have some flowers to wipe out this discomfort and jumble. Beautiful and colorful flowers make us happier and more joyful. Some researchers also found that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness and a long-term positive effect on moods. Furthermore, they create intimate connections. Additionally, flowers help us feel more cheerful and enthusiasm as well as sociable.

That’s why there are always some bright floral dresses (modern and vintage styles) in my wardrobe to inspire me on gloomy and rainy days. It really works out! Whenever I wear those dresses, I feel refreshed and energetic to take part in lots of activities. Not only I get positive impact on the color, but other people also get their optimism back. Wonderful, huh?

little sunshine on a rainy day
little sunshine on a rainy day

With floral dresses, I can wear to work, or hang out with friends or enjoy a cozy party. It is quite convenient when you wear a same dress on different purposes, isn’t it? I call this feature ‘3 in 1’!  Additionally, I save a lot of time as I don’t have to think over hours in order to make decision on what I should wear and combine with.  It is totally easy to mix floral dresses with other accessories. I can match them with earrings (simple ones when you are at work or colorful pairs in a party), necklace and bracelet. Sometimes, I just wear those dresses in the simplest way without any accessories. Leonardo da Vinci also said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” I hardly ever apply too-bright lipstick color, especially at work. However, I do love a rebellion in limit as using Etude House (#RD301 Perfect Fit Red) on gloomy and rainy days. And it’s lovely, right? Hehehee

Now, it is your turn to brighten your day with your own choice and style. Whatever you pick up, it is always the best choice of yours. All you need is your confidence and optimism. Raining is not so bad, but a lovely gift and it is always a wonderful day above the clouds! Let’s enjoy it 🙂

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