side effect of cucumber
People having kidney failure may piss by accident, even face with anaphrodisia (impotency) if excessive cucumber.

10 strange side effects of cucumber

You may say it’s ridiculous to have side effects of cucumber. As I wrote in previous blog about benefits of cucumber, this vegetable is really good for health. It’s also used in many spas for skin care. In spite of its amazing benefits, there are 10 strange side effects of cucumber that you need to keep in mind.

Side effects of cucumber

Side Effect of CucumberLet’s find out what the side effects of cucumber are if you have an excessive consumption. After that, you should have an alternative way of enjoying this fruit.

1. Dehydration

One of the side effects of cucumber is to increase the risk of dehydration and body imbalance (balance disorder) if you eat this vegetable too much. According to Eastern medicine, cucumber is synonymous with being ‘cool’ or you may be familiar with ‘as cool as cucumber’. So the people, who have excessive cucumber, will run to wee-wee many times. Other people having kidney failure may piss by accident, even face with anaphrodisia (impotency). Therefore, excessive consumption of cucumber may cause frequent urination and lead to dehydration.

2. Bitter taste

Many studies showed that toxins like tetracyclic triterpenoid and cucurbitacin in cucumber are responsible for bitter taste, and could cause ulcers in the stomach. Another study even showed that excessive consumption of this toxin could be life-threatening.

3. Injure the body

Cucumber is rich of vitamin C and caffeic acid, both of which help to soothe skin irritations and reduce swelling. However, excessive consumption leads to a redundancy of vitamin C. After that, it may transform to a pro-oxidant promoting the development of free radicals and cells, which are harmful to the body.

4. AllergySide Effect of Cucumber

Some people may be allergic to excessive cucumber. Symptoms of the allergy including itchiness and swelling are usually found in the oral cavity. Furthermore, cucurbitacin contained in cucumber may cause an indigestion in case of excessive consumption.

5. Risk of early aging

Vitamin C is supportive to impulse the immune system effectively. Also, it has a key role to prevent influenza and rickety. Furthermore, vitamin C is a strong antioxidant.  However, an excessive consumption may lead to side effects that against to antioxidant properties. From there, it will increase the development and spread of free radicals that cause the risks of cancers, acne, early aging, etc.

6. Headache and shortness of breath

Cucumber is rich of potassium. Yet, redundancy of cucumber consumption can lead to hyperkalemia (high potassium in blood). As a result, it may bring about flatulence and stomachache. Gradually, kidney function is affected considerably.

Additionally, cucumber consumption in excess will make the fluid volume is higher than blood volume which may make pressure on blood vessels and heart. Consequently, these parts will be hurt. Also, redundant fluid may imbalance the blood electrolytes that can cause endosmosis in the cells. As a result, headache and shortness of breath occur.

Side Effect of Cucumber7. Potassium redundancy

Cucumber peel has lots of fiber and minerals like silica, potassium and magnesium. When you consume cucumber in excess, magnesium amount will increase in the blood. It may weaken the function of kidney and cause intestinal diseases, flatulence and stomachache.

8. Flatulence and dropsy

Cucurbitacin in cucumber is indigestible, especially for people having sensitive digestive system. Indigestibility may bring about flatulence and dropsy (also called edema). This happens because he body tries to eliminate toxins as gas out of it.

9. Impact on pregnant women

Consumption of cucumber is still safe and beneficial to pregnant women. However, eating this vegetable in excess may cause side effects like frequent urination, flatulence, indigestibility and abdominal pain.

10. Respiration (breathing)

In case you are having diseases relating to respiration or sinusitis, you should avoid cucumber and cold stuff. The coolness of this vegetable may make your diseases more serious.

Tips to avoid side effects of cucumber

  • Pay attention to all of the above 10 strange side effects of cucumber, of course.
  • Always wash cucumber thoroughly under running water. After that, soak it into salt water within 15 minutes to remove bacteria and parasite.
  • Remove cucumber’s peel to protect yourself and your family from hidden toxins.
  • Cook cucumber if you cannot eat it raw.

Three wrong ways of eating cucumber

  1. Eat cucumber with peanuts. Combination of cucumber and peanuts may cause a diarrhea and sore stomach.
  2. Eat cucumber when stomach is empty. People having stomachache should strictly avoid eating cucumber with empty stomach. Otherwise, it will gain the pain to abdomen.
  3. Eat cucumber with celery or chili. This combination does not harm the body. However, enzymes in cucumber will destroy vitamin C contained in celery and chili. As a result, the absorption of vitamin C is reduced. Similarly, bitter melon and mustard green should not eat with cucumber.

In general, cucumber is beneficial to the health a lot if we consume it in sufficient quantity. As we know that ‘too much of anything is good for nothing’, so keep in mind the above side effects whenever you eat cucumber.

I hope this post is helpful to you. Have you ever experienced any side effects of cucumber after eating it? Share your story with me and other readers for discussion.

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