Benefits of Ladyfinger
Lady fingers have lots of fiber which makes your stomach feel full in a long time.

Vegetables are really beneficial to our health. Ladyfinger is one of them. So what are benefits of ladyfinger? Today, we will find out the 20 benefits of ladyfinger.

Ladyfingers are rich of fiber, vitamins, folate, magnesium, lutein and other nutrients which are really helpful for our health.

Following are the Benefits of Ladyfingers to Health

Benefits of Ladyfinger
Benefits of Ladyfinger

 1. Keep tummy full:

Lady fingers have lots of fiber which makes your stomach feel full in a long time. Thanks to it, eating snacks, especially in dinner, will be limited.

2. Good for digestive system:

As mentioned above, ladyfingers have a lot of fiber (fibrous vegetable protein). It’s also good for your digestion and helps to avoid constipation. Then you can control your weight and become healthier.

3. Diuretic

Ladyfingers participate in detoxification of your body, remove redundancy of water level as well as eliminate the flatulence.

4. Control cholesterol

Pectin in ladyfingers reduces LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol to strengthen your heart.

5. Less calories

Ladyfingers don’t have much calories, so you can enjoy them without worrying about your weight.

6. Anticancer:

Benefits of Ladyfinger
Benefits of Ladyfinger

Antioxidant included in ladyfingers supports in protection against the development of cancer by interacting with free radicals.

7. Support women in potentia generandi and healthy pregnancy

Women should specially add ladyfingers into their diet before pregnancy because high content of folate in ladyfingers help to decrease the rate of neural tube defects as carrying a fetus (also spelled as foetus). Furthermore, eating ladyfingers during her pregnancy is good for both of mother and the fetus.

8. Increase immunity system

Fibers are beneficial for good bacteria which help to maintain the necessary conditions for food digestion, and boost our immunity system to fend off viruses and infection.

9. Balance blood glucose level

Ladyfingers’ fibers help to slow down the absorption of sugar for stability of sugar level in our blood.

10. Prevent diabetes:

Ladyfingers do not only stabilize blood sugar, but also reduce sugar level in our blood. Therefore, they are really good to diabetes prevention.

Benefits of Ladyfinger

Amazing benefits of ladyfingers to health

11. Prevent kidney diseases

Many researches showed that ladyfingers are good at limiting diseases related to kidney.

12. Prevent asthma attacks

Ladyfingers contain high level of Vitamin C, so they help to decrease and prevent respiratory (breathing) problems, including asthma.

13. Good for brain

Ladyfinger is listed as one of the most beneficial foods good for brain function thanks to its nutrients.

14. Anti-inflammation:

Ladyfingers are really good for joints as well as pneumonia & sore throat treatment, and irritable bowel syndrome.

15. Goods for eyes:

Vitamin C and vitamin A included in ladyfingers help to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration and improve eye sight.

16. Increase bone strength:

Vitamin K and folate, ladyfingers also help to prevent a facture and osteoporosis effectively.

17. Beneficial to skin:

Benefits of Ladyfinger
Benefits of Ladyfinger

High level of vitamin C in ladyfingers supports the development and rejuvenation of skin cells as well as collagen for smoother, younger and healthier -looking skin.

18. Gastric ulcer treatment:

Ladyfingers contain mucilage which works as medicine for treating gastric ulcer. After digesting in stomach, ladyfingers increase the speed in healing gastric ulcer and duodenitis.

19. Anemia treatment:

Thanks to the richness of iron and folate as well as other useful nutrients, ladyfingers also give much effective support in curing anemia.

20. Strengthen your hair:

Shampoo with mixture of boiled ladyfingers and lemon will make your hair more beautiful and healthy, and silky.

Enjoy ladyfinger, enjoy your life and keep healthy!

Now you all recognize the 20 benefits of ladyfinger which you may not notice much as consume this vegetable. And from now on, you can add ladyfingers to your daily meal. But always remember that ‘too much of anything is bad for you’. So eat this vegetable in sufficient amount.

I hope you like this post and pocket something useful for you and your beloved. 🙂

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