Health Benefits of Bitter Melon to Diabetes

health benefits of bitter melon to diabetes

Health benefits of bitter melon to diabetes will be our topic today. Bitter melon (also known as bitter gourd) is a popular vegetable, which is available in tropical and subtropical regions. It’s often used for preparing food in various ways including stir-fired, broth, fried or steamed, or salad.

It’s also used in oriental medicine for curing various diseases. According to traditional (oriental) medicine, bitter melon is a cold-cool and poison-free medicine. At sufficient amount, this vegetable can be used for heat and stress relief, detoxification, dysentery, acne reduction and prevention. Especially, bitter melon contains charantin, vicine and polypeptide-P supporting in diabetics prevention and blood sugar stabilization.

The followings are health benefits of bitter melon to diabetes.

health benefits of bitter melon to diabetes1. Lower blood sugar level

One of main health benefits of bitter melon to diabetes is lowering blood sugar level. Unlike other drugs concentrating on only one targeted organ or tissue, bitter melon with charantin creates good conditions for glucose metabolism in the body, and then reduces high blood glucose level.

2. Reinforce insulin excretion

Another health benefits of bitter melon to diabetes is reinforcing insulin excretion. By improving the uptake of glucose from the blood across cell membranes and into the cells of the body, insulin helps take sugar out of the bloodstream. It will work to regulate the level of glucose in the body to keep it in a healthy range.

Insulin involves in transporting glucose from blood to adipose tissues and skeletal muscle for energy transformation. Additionally, insulin prevents glucose production in liver and its release into bloodstream. By increasing insulin excretion in pancreas, bitter melon can assist in treating Type I diabetes.

Also, some studies have shown that bitter melon containing glycosides of oleanolic acid helps to improve glucose tolerance in Type II diabetes by preventing or reversing insulin resistance.

3. Antioxidant foodhealth benefits of bitter melon to diabetes

When glucose level is high in bloodstream, it may increase the risk of getting Type I and II diabetes. High blood glucose level may also cause oxidation and inflammation all over the body and it can cause diabetes, blindness, stroke, heart attack or kidney failure. By lowering blood glucose level and with its antioxidative properties, bitter melon can help prevent those diseases.

4. Speed up carbohydrate digestion

health benefits of bitter melon to diabetesWhen carbohydrates are digested, they turn into sugar leading to the increase of blood glucose level. Bitter melon supports in lowering blood sugar level by inhibiting the enzymes that break disaccharides down into two monosaccharides. Bitter melon can help speed up carbohydrates digestion to improve metabolism and prevent high glucose level in bloodstream after meals.

Health benefits of bitter melon to diabetes – 4 easy steps to prepare bitter melon juice

  • Wash one medium size of bitter melon under running water, soak it into salt water in 15 minutes;
  • Slice it into small pieces, grind them in a clean blender;
  • Filter the waste for juice only;
  • Add some lemon juice into bitter melon juice and drink it every morning with empty stomach for best result.

I hope these pieces of information are helpful to you. However, everything is too much is not good, so consume bitter melon wisely to avoid any side effects. Also, please consult your doctor in case you have diabetes or other health problems before using bitter melon as herbal medicine.

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