Health Benefits of Custard Apple

Health Benefits of Custard Apple

It is season for this fruit, and we are going to learn about health benefits of custard apple in today’s post. Many of us enjoy the fruit but might take little notice to health benefits of custard apple.

Custard apple contains vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, fiber and other minerals which are beneficial to our health. The followings are health benefits of custard apple that we can consider to add this fruit to our diet for better life.

top Benefits of Custard Apple1. Digestive System

Custard apple is rich in dietary fiber, which helps smoothen digestion and flush out toxin from the intestine, then ease constipation. Additionally, good source of fiber supports in reducing bad cholesterol. Also, we can use powder of raw sun dried custard apple as herbal remedy for diarrhea.

2. Cardiovascular System

Magnesium and potassium contained in custard apple are helpful to healthy cardiovascular system. High cholesterol and high blood pressure can cause heart problems. Sufficient consumption of magnesium and potassium helps control blood pressure and heart rate, and protect us from strokes. Custard apple with antioxidant properties is helpful to protect the body from free radicals, strengthen the resistance and positive effect to cardiovascular system.

3. Anti-Cancer

Custard apple is a rich source of antioxidant, which is supportive to cancer prevention. Some studies have shown that acetogenins and alkaloids in custard apple is beneficial to overcome renal failure. The antioxidants in this fruit including polyphenol, asimicin, and bullatacinare assist in killing malignant cells and preventing cancers, malaria (also known as plasmodium infection) and worm diseases.

4. Brain & Depression TreatmentHealth Benefits of Custard Apple

Source of vitamin B6 in custard apple is good for brain activity. This vitamin helps balance GABA (an amino acting as neurotransmitter in the central nervous system) level, release stress as well as headache, and is effective in depression treatment.

5. Weight Loss

Thanks to rich source of vitamin C, low sodium content, no cholesterol or saturated fat, custard apple is beneficial for those who are on diet and want to lose their weight.

Custard apple does not only help in weight loss, but also gaining weight. By adding some honey to custard apple, it will help increase calories.

6. Hair & Eye

Rich in vitamin A, custard apple is really good for eyesight. Vitamin C contained in this fruit also helps reduce the risk of eye disorders such as cataract.

Custard apple is also good for skin thanks to its antioxidant properties. It helps to reduce wrinkles and pigments caused by free radicals.

Those two vitamins are beneficial for healthy hair growth. Extract oil from seeds of custard apple improve the hair and make it silky.

Health Benefits of Custard Apple7. Pregnant Women

Custard apple contains a lot of minerals which are beneficial to the development of brain, nervous and immune systems for fetus. Wise consumption of this fruit helps prevent miscarriage and reduce pain during labor and delivery. Besides, custard apple is helpful for pregnant women in reducing sickness, dazzles, and dizziness during pregnancy. It also supports in the induction of lactation.

Health benefits of custard apple – a valuable gift from nature

At wise consumption, we’ll get many health benefits of custard apple. After this post, I hope you would love this fruit more. Incoming post, we will check out some side effects of custard apple when we have overconsumption of this fruit.

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