Health Benefits of Flowers

Health Benefits of Flowers
Flowers are wonderful to bring positive energy and joy into the life

Our today’s topic is health benefits of flowers. Flowers have become a universal sign of love and affection. A bouquet of colorful flowers cannot only lend a touch of beauty and a pleasant aroma to the room, but they can also have a whole host of other health benefits. Beautiful and colorful flowers make us feel happier and joyful. Researchers had also found that flowers have really good effects on human’s emotion and their health. In previous blog, I wrote about floral dresses and their positive effects. Today, I would like to share you with specific health benefits of flowers in our daily life as well as at work.

So what are health benefits of flowers? Here we figure them out.

Health Benefits of Flowers
Health Benefits of Flowers

1. At work:

Facing with high competition, most of the companies expect good revenue and competitive advantages. One of their key strategies is to increase employee performance. When the employees are happy and satisfactory with working environment, they will definitely have significant contribution to the company.

Some studies showed that employees are more creative and flexible to solve their problems at work if there are some flowers and plants in office. Appearance of flowers and plants in office help the employees work more effectively. And they have effects on both of women and men. Thanks to the change, company can increase its revenue and win more contracts compared to its competitors.

2. Daily life:

Health Benefits of Flowers
Health Benefits of Flowers

Fresh flowers and plants help people release stress and make them more relaxed and cheerful with their pleasant smell.

You may not be a morning person, but will be more joyful and able to get through the day as first looking at some fresh flowers in the morning.

Amazing health benefits of flowers

Flowers are associated with positive energy and can increase happiness, reduce depression and anxiety. Also, flowers make people become friendly and generous. Less saturated colors and softer shaped flowers will generally make you feel relaxed. Bright colored flowers with sharper angles will obviously energize you.  A bunch of flowers with colors that fall near each other one the color wheel will be also more calming.

You can display your flowers in places where you spend the most time. Kitchen and living room are great spots because people tend to gather and relax at the end of the day in there. You can also place a vase of fresh flowers in your bedroom so that you can first look at them as you wake up.

Flowers and plants in your house have positive psychological payback. Think of them as a part of your spiritual wellness treatment program.

Let’s go through benefits of some popular flowers to physical and mental health

  • Rose is for love. Also, it is used as an anti-inflammatory and to treat coughs and colds.
  • Lavender helps to promote a feeling of relaxation.
  • Red gladiolas is for motivation.
  • Yellow sunflowers are for happiness.
  • Purple orchids are bringing good spirituality.
  • Orange marigolds inspire us a lot.
  • White calla lilies are good for purification.
  • Echinacea helps to enhance the immune system.
  • Viola is used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic as well as to treat snake bites.
  • Honeysuckle can be used to create an antibacterial gargle waste for sore throat. It may be also used to treat swine flu.
  • Jasmine is sweet, exotic and helpful to digestive system and stomach ulcers.

Flowers are wonderful to bring positive energy and joy into the life. Give yourself a gift of weekly flowers to bring colors and energy into your workplace and home. You can mix and match colors in the bouquet of flowers to spark a wide range of happiness and excitement. You can also wear floral dresses to feel up your mood. Check more here

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