Side Effects of Bitter Melon

Side Effects of Bitter Melon

Side effects of bitter melon will appear if we eat this vegetable in wrong way. In previous posts, we went through health benefits of bitter melon to diabetes. Used as traditional medicine, bitter melon supports in lowering blood sugar level, cancer prevention and other diseases.

In case of over-consumption, we may face with the following side effects of bitter melon:

1. Faint due to sudden low blood sugar level

side-effects-of-bitter-melon-2As we have known that bitter melon can help lower blood sugar level to support in curing diabetes. If you have stable blood glucose level, you should avoid consuming bitter melon too much. In case you overconsume this vegetable, you might confront with side effects of bitter melon including a sudden low blood glucose level, headache and dizziness. It may also lead to sweat profusely, or frighten. The worst situation may happen to shock, then get fainted. To avoid any unexpected symptom, you should not take bitter melon excessively at empty stomach, or when you are tired.

2. Cause a miscarriage and reduce chances of getting pregnancy

Other side effects of bitter melon are to cause a miscarriage and reduce chances of getting pregnancy. Some studies have shown that bitter melon can stimulate smooth muscle contraction, then increase contraction of the uterine muscle which run the risks of leading to miscarriage. As a consequence, pregnant women, and new mothers and nursing mothers should totally avoid bitter melon.

Additionally, some studies have shown that overconsumption of bitter melon may hurt testicles which impact on reproductive ability. For those who are planning to have babies should skip bitter melons.

3. Impact on health and growth of children

The red arils covering the seeds of bitter melon can be toxic to humans. It can cause diarrhea, vomiting and nausea, and possibly death. Therefore, you should not feed bitter melon to your kids, who are at a higher risk of toxic reaction.  Also, you should remove all the seeds of bitter melon when you prepare food from this vegetable.

4. Negative effects to patients with kidney and liver failureSide Effects of Bitter Melon

Let’s go through what side effects of bitter melon can cause to kidney and liver. As mentioned above, the seeds of bitter melon can be toxic to cells of liver. This vegetable is not digested easily, so those who have problems in kidney and liver must avoid consuming bitter melon. The people facing with G6PD deficiency (enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase), which helps red blood cells, should also stay away from bitter melon.

5. Cause hemolytic anemia

The seeds of bitter melon can cause hemolytic anemia. Hemolytic anemia is a condition in which red blood cells are destroyed and removed from the bloodstream faster than they are made. Bitter melon’s seeds contain an element named vicine, which is capable of producing oxidation-reduction (redox) enzymes on the cell membranes. If this enzyme is over-production to blood cell membranes, red blood cell and cell membranes might be damaged. This can lead to hemolytic anemia. So all of the patients having G6PD deficiency have to avoid consuming bitter melon.

Side effects of bitter melon – a consideration for patients with allergy

Above side effects of bitter melon should be seriously considered by those having one of the written health problems to avoid any bad situation. Also, please always remember that “too much of anything is bad”. In case of excessive consumption, you might face with these side effects of bitter melon. So please intake this vegetable wisely at sufficient amount to receive its health benefits. You can find out what health benefits of bitter melon on the same page.

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