Binh Lap island

Color of the sea water – sapphire – is one of the most special features which helps Binh Lap island

Vietnam has got many beautiful beaches but very neglected. Some of them are considered as Maldives of Vietnam. If you are dreaming to travel to Maldives once but doesn’t have enough money, you can travel to Maldives of Vietnam with fabulous views and nice beaches. And it’s definitely much saving compared to Maldives located in Indian Ocean. In previous blog, I already shared with you one of those miniature paradises of Maldives of Vietnam. Today, I continue mentioning another Maldives of Vietnam. It’s Binh Lap island.

Binh Lap island – Maldives of Vietnam

Binh Lap Island

Located in the center of Vietnam where is sunny, windy and hot, but the weather on Binh Lap island is quite pleasant. The sea is completely clear and blue as sapphire with sand extending to the horizon. Another attraction when you travel to Binh Lap island is the architectural style of the resorts which are as same as Maldives. The wooden quay create a picturesque and romantic view for visitors as walking or sitting along the beach to feast their eyes upon the sea.

Color of the sea water – sapphire – is one of the most special features which helps Binh Lap island get named ‘Maldives of Vietnam’. Beneath the clear blue water, you can also see a lot of euphoria (sea spurges) obviously. While you are swimming, or relaxing in the transparent water of Binh Lap sea and look up to the gentle blue sky with white cloud, you seem to stay in another world which is really peaceful, wholesome, marvelous and separated from your hectic life. All of your tiredness and stress are released.

Activities on Binh Lap islandBinh Lap Island

Binh Lap island is not only famous for beautiful beaches, but also other attractions. Walking along tortuous paths, you will see mountain sides with spotless white flowers, rows of coconut trees fluttering in the wind, and a small dam with green forest and few houses appearing vaguely.

After spending time on discovering around Binh Lap island, you can enjoy fresh and delicious seafood. You won’t resist many types of seafood, which are caught and consumed within the day, and local specialities.

Binh Lap IslandYou can travel to Binh Lap island at any time of the year, but summer is the best season for your exploration. If you want to explore the life of local inhabitants on Binh Lap island, you can ask for staying, eating and sleeping in their homes. The next early morning, you will head for the open sea with them to catch fish and other kinds of seafood. You have an unforgettable experience in your trip to talk about all the time.

There are still other interesting things and activities that you can explore yourself on Binh Lap island – Maldives of Vietnam. Combining your trip to Binh Lap island, you can also visit Ly Son island, another Maldives of Vietnam, which is really nearby. You can share your own experience with us then.

Have fun and enjoy your trip!

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