Garden of Five Senses
The Garden of Five Senses is not just a park, it is a space with a variety of activities, inviting public interaction and exploration

Where do you and your family often spend time together on weekends? Restaurants? Movie theaters? Shopping malls? Not only you love these activities, but I also do like them. But it’s boring if I go to restaurants, cinema and malls weekly. So I’ve taken turns to participate other outdoor activities in travelling and exploring sightseeing – people – culture. Today, I’d like to share with you a famous place to visit on weekend – Garden of five senses.

I had a really good time in there. I did enjoy fresh and clean air, good smell of flowers and plants, nice view and live music. I would love to be there again thanks to its atmosphere as well as architecture. However, there are also some notes which you need to pay attention.

Garden of Five Senses
Garden of Five Senses

The garden of five senses was designed by Delhi architect – Pradeep Sachdeva – and opened in the early year of 2003. Located in south of Saket, the garden spreads over 20 acres and is divided into distinct areas to please all five of our senses. Colors, fragrances, textures and forms come all together in an evocative bouquet that awakens our mind to the beauty of life and invokes a grateful prayer for the gift of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. It means that visitors can observe many colorful and beautiful flowers, listen to lovely music of wind chimes, try delicious foods, have pleasant smell of flowers and enjoy our feeling of excitement at the warmth of the sun.

Actually, the Garden of Five Senses is not simply a park, but a wonderful place for spending time with your family and friends. I saw visitors playing badminton, practicing photography, dancing and attending group activities. Some parents guided their kids to study about flowers, plants and sculptures. What a helpful lesson, indeed!

Garden of Five Senses
Garden of Five Senses

A maze was planned to make near the fountain but stopped then. I was little surprised at Japanese architecture on the way to the tree of wind chimes. Designs of the garden are not same but all focus on friendliness, harmony and nature. An Observatory was built so that visitors can have a look around the city. And from there, you can see Qutub Minar obviously. Ahead the Observatory, a big stage is used for regular music events. Audiences can also participate in dancing or singing with performers.

There were some restaurants and shops at the beginning but not available any more. Only a small cafeteria with horrible food is now located opposite to the fountain. They should increase number of food courts, so visitors will get more choices and energy to discover the garden’s beauty.

Garden of Five Senses
Garden of Five Senses

One more thing, you need to keep your kids away from bushes and the area nearby wind chimes. Lots of young couple have ill-posed and indecent behaviors in there. To avoid having red faces and shame, parents can take your children another way (it’s on the left of the food shop). And management board of the Garden should be strict on cleaning the dirt to improve the image as well as get more visitors back. I saw many foreigners being embarrassed with those couples though they’re open-minded.

In general, apart from not-quite-good attitude of young couples, the Garden is clean, cool and green. It opens from the morning till 7pm and the fee is Rs.30/person. If you don’t have any place to go this weekend yet, try visiting Garden of Five Senses. Share your feeling and experience with me and friends then.

* Good points:

– Nice view

– Green and clean

– Good design and architecture

– Affordable fee, near home

* Opportunities:

– Need to clear all ill-posed behaviors of young couples

– Improve quality of food; increase number of food courts

– Require maintenance and preservation

– Have more activities/games for visitors

Thank you for reading my blog. Your turn to explore Garden of Five Sense!

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