ly son island
Ly Son island includes Cu Lao Re, which is the main island, and An Binh (small island) and Mu Cu.

Ly Son Island – Maldives of Vietnam

Considered as ‘a fairy island’ in the middle of the ocean with emerald water, Ly Son island has become a favorite destination to many travelers around the world.

Located 30 km offshore from the mainland, Ly Son island of Vietnam always impresses visitors with sunny days, clear transparent waters of the sea and friendly inhabitants as well as its sightseeing.

ly son islandMaldives Vietnam

Ly Son island includes Cu Lao Re, which is the main island, and An Binh (small island) and Mu Cu. Though it is quite difficult to approach to the island, you will definitely agree that it’s worth seeing. Many visitors name it ‘Maldives Vietnam’ due to its great views and nice beaches.

Ly Son island has a special geological structure due to the remnants of volcano with five craters, which was formed about 30 million years ago and already stopped its eruption. Riding to top of the mountain, you will find a lake (Thoi Loi Lake) which brings you a beautiful natural view. You can even write a lot of poems after seeing this lake. Really! It’s also the most wonderful place to feast your eyes upon the gorgeous sunrise.

If you love experiencing incredible views of nature, Ly Son island is your destination. There are many precarious cliffs facing the deep blue sea and paths surrounded by volcanic rocks, which are embodiments of wild and grandiose nature. Additionally, you can swim and dive to feast your eyes on brown sea spurge (euphorbia) as well as clownfish in the crystal sea water. You will see everything in the bottom of the sea clearly. Not just that, Ly Son island has beautiful sandy beaches, which are surrounded with tall bow-shaped cliffs, and waves roaring day and night. When you set foot on this place, you shall absolutely nod repeatedly in satisfaction: ‘Maldives Vietnam’. That’s for sure!

Seafood Heavenly son island

As travelling to Ly Son island, you can’t miss a good chance to try special seafood, especially Huynh De crab (Ranina, Red King crab). In the past, this crab was always offered to the King thanks to its rich nutrients. In Vietnam, you will only find this kind of crab in Phu Quoc and Ly Son islands.

Moreover, Tuong shellfish should be in your menu when you visit Ly Son island. It’s not easy to catch this creature because it usually clings to the reefs in the deepest stratum. Tuong shellfish will cling even tighter when it smells enemies. The meat of the shellfish is white and transparent. And its taste is really crispy and delicious. You can’t miss it!

Addition to those specialities, you can try some other seafood including Ta Ma fish, grilled fish, shells, etc. It can’t decline that Ly Son island is a seafood heaven with many kinds of local special seafood which are really fresh and make your trip more fascinating.

Ly Son Garlicly son island

Ly Son island is famous for garlic. It’s also said that Ly Son island is a Garlic Kingdom. Each of tourists purchase a lot of Ly Son garlic when they visit this beautiful island. The local people of Ly Son island has a particular method in planting garlic. They collect sand from the beaches to cover their cultivated land. The sand is very special as containing sea and snail shells which were disintegrated into it over thousands of years. The garlic grown on this sand has a special flavor that none of other garlic in the world can have. The local inhabitants have made many precious medicines based on Ly Son garlic. Not only home remedies, but people also use Ly Son garlic to prepare a delicious salad. You should also try this dish when travelling to Ly Son island.

Other attractionsly son island

There are some main tourist attractions on Ly Son island that you can spend time on discovering them. You may get surprised to know that Ly Son island has more than 50 ancients pagodas, temples and shrines though it is a small district.

One of the most favorite destinations for young people loving photography is To Vo Gate. You will enjoy a spectacular view of the dawn and the sunset from this place.

As discovering this island, you can also find Hac My Nhan (Black Venus) watermelon which is as small as your hand. It is not sweet, but has a strange taste.

It won’t cost you much as coming to Ly Son island. In addition, the local people are extremely friendly, honest and kind. They are broad-minded and generous like the sea. When you visit this island, you will be delighted with magnificent sightseeing, impressive mountains, picturesque lakes, nice beaches and ancient pagodas.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s pack and visit Ly Son island to feel Maldives  of Vietnam!

Visit time:

  • Summer: from June to September
  • Season of Ly Son garlic: September (plan) – December (harvest)

Means of transport:

  • To Sa Ky port (mainland): Airplane, Bus / coach, Train
  • To Ly Son island: ferry, boat


Short trip; 2 – 3 days

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