Oktoberfest atmosphere is coming to town. Lots of people, especially German, are excited about this festival. Though it origins from Germany, other countries celebrate and enjoy it. What is Oktoberfest? Why are people around the world eager to the festival?

Oktoberfest – beer festival

OktoberfestOktoberfest is an important part of Bavarian culture. It started with the royal wedding of Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese from Saxony – Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. In order to share the happiness with the people of Munich, a horse race was organized by the National Guard. And it was decided that the festival would be repeated at the same time the following year, which marked the birth of October-Festivals.

In the first few decades, the choices of amusements were sparse. After many times of changing the activities, the festival continued with beer stands, beer tents and grew rapidly in number.


OktoberfestNowadays, Oktoberfest is the largest beer festival in the world with an international flavor characteristic of the 21st century. It is celebrated a half month, from the 3rd weekend of September till first Sunday of October every year in Bavaria. . The festivities are accompanied by program of events, including costumes, live music (dance and sing) and some funny games, and of course, German beer (Munich), sausages and other foods can’t be absent.


On Oktoberfest dates, the visitors (participants, men and women) always have special traditional and hilarious costumes like barmaids, dirndls, beer wenches, lederhosen, or beer garden. Formerly, dirndls and lederhosen were worn for hard physical work or farming. Today, those costumes are worn as leisurewear.


For entering the party of Oktoberfest, tickets are required. Normally, tickets will be sold one month before the official date. However, in some cases, you can still get one on spot if you are lucky enough. Prices of ticket are different for weekdays and weekends.

Drink & foods

Of course, it will be German beer. Some places serve water and soft drinks, too. But, most of participants enjoy their beers on this festival. Each of participants will be delivered one-liter stein (mug) for beer. These mugs have different designs every year to make them more attractive and vividly.

OktoberfestAdditionally, you will be served many traditional German foods including sausages, fish, pork, chicken, salads, breads, etc. All of foods are cooked by brilliant chefs.


During beer festival, you have opportunities to enjoy famous bands which help to bring more fun and energy as well as atmosphere. Live music will be played and sung to rouse the party. People gather, dance and sing out loud. Actually, your stress will be released totally as joining Oktoberfest.


Not only beer, foods and music, some places organize some funny games for participants. The trophy may be a mug of beer, or Oktoberfest souvenirs like some German products, or vouchers. In my recent time when I enjoyed Oktoberfest in Vietnam, I won a hammer and it’s still working fine right now 😀

Oktoberfest – fun, share and opportunity

As I mentioned above, when you are in October-festival, you will just enjoy and share cherish and exciting moment with friends, family, melody of music and songs, foods and beer. You are totally relaxed. You have more new friends or even business partners during Oktoberfest. Someone may find his or her soul mate, too.

Have you ever been to Oktoberfest? What was your most favorite moment and experience?

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