Places to Visit in Cairo

places to visit in cairo

Came back from my wonderful trip in Egypt, I’d like to share you some places to visit in Cairo today. Due to my limit of time, I had few days to discover around the city. Next time, I’ll definitely travel to more interesting places in Egypt. I was really impressed by people, sightseeing and hospitality in Cairo, Egypt. Alright, I seem to start talking too much, hehehe. Let’s focus on beautiful places to visit in Cairo now.

The following interesting places to visit in Cairo should be added to your must-see tour in Egypt.

pyramids of giza1. Giza Pyramids

Being one of the most mysterious Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Giza Pyramids should be one of your places to visit in Cairo. There were hundreds of pyramids in Egypt, but most of them were destroyed or collapsed, so we cannot see their pyramid-shaped clearly.

Giza pyramids include Great Pyramid, Pyramid of Chephren and Pyramid of Mycerinus. At Giza Pyramids, you can climb inside one of them for discovery of incredible archaeological sites. Lots of tunnels and burial chambers are in pyramids. The passageways are quite narrow with low roof, so we have to bend over while moving inside the pyramids. The number of tourists allowed to go inside is in a limit. If you are lucky and early enough, you can get ticket to explore those tunnels and chambers. In the Complex of Giza Pyramids, you also find Great Sphinx which is mythical creature having human head (look like Pharaoh’s face) and lion body.

After exploring Giza Pyramids, you can enjoy a camel or horse ride around the complex. ­

2. The Egyptian Museum of AntiquitiesThe Egyptian Museum of Antiquities

The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities is also one of places to visit in Cairo. The museum is regarded as one of the oldest, largest and most well-known worldwide.

There are impressive collections of the ancient Egypt displayed in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. Walking in the museum, you will find abundant exhibition of mummies, coffins (wooden, stone and gold), tomb (including Tutankhamun), statues, stone carvings, tools, funerary objects, papyrus paper, jewelry, Kingdom periods (Old, Middle and New) and many other valuable historical collections. Additionally, you can also see a collection of Roman period at ground floor of the Egyptian Museum.

The museum is quite large, so you cannot finish exploring it in a short time. You’ll find some chairs around display areas for temporarily rest in case your legs get tired. While you visit the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, it had better to have a tour guide with you because there are many objects displayed without information. Also, you should carry enough drinking water as you have to walk a lot inside the museum. Moreover, they don’t keep air-conditioners or fans in some exhibition areas, so you should wear light clothes in summer. Camera charge will be excluded from your entry ticket.

The Pharaonic Village3. The Pharaonic Village

Suggested by one of my Egyptian friends, I spent half day at The Pharaonic Village. What an amazing experience!

There are some different tour package for your choice, but all good things will not include in one package. I wanted to see both Cleopatra and Pharaoh, but they were in separate tours. I hope they will modify the tours in near future.

The Pharaonic Village is located on an island of Nile river. To get on and off the island, you will be carried by a ferry boat. Along the journey, you will learn about history and legend of Egypt. The information provided includes daily activities and arts of the ancient Egyptians. You’ll get to know how they do agriculture, pottery, fishing, sculpture, weaving, papyrus making, linen spinning, perfume making, arsenal, painting and carving, mummification and much more. When you reach the Village, an experienced tour guide with master knowledge will take you around. Some museums are available in the village. At here, you will learn more about Tutankhamun, pyramids, mummies, the old city, churches and other useful information for your Egypt trip.

The Pharaonic Village is actually a key resource in preservation of knowledge of the ancient Egyptians. So it should be one of your places to visit in Cairo.

4. Old City (Coptic Church)Old City (Coptic Church)

Old City or Coptic Church is another places to visit in Cairo when you are in Egypt.

Located in southern Cairo, Coptic Church always attracts tourists for its charm and historical value. At here, you will learn more about Christianity in Old Cairo. Coptic Cairo is the heart of the Coptic Christian group and still remains its fascinating spot to visit. However, there some restricted areas which will not allow Islam to go inside. After visiting the Church, you should also visit Coptic Museum where is nearby. The Coptic Museum has extensive collection of Coptic artifacts and artwork as well as an abundance of valuable information about Egypt’s initial Christian period. The objects are grouped into different mediums including stonework, woodwork, textiles, manuscripts and metalwork. Camera fee will be applicable in case you want to take photos inside the Coptic Museum.

Nile River5. Nile River

Of course, the worldwide famous river – Nile – cannot be ignored and should be always the places to visit in Cairo.

The view of Nile river at day time and night time are not the same. However, there is one common point is that you will get a wonderful sightseeing along Nile River. You will absolutely fall in love with it. On Nile River, you can feel both of peace and liveliness. At night, you will see a busy, colorful night life of the people, commercial shops, restaurants and hotels. At day time, you will enjoy a gentle stream flow with full of sparkling sunshine and a beautiful scenery along Nile river. It worths participating the Nile river tour for your relaxation, stress relief and joyfulness after hectic work schedule. You can book a seat on a Cruise tour in the evening. After buffet, you can go to the roof of the Cruise for night view of Cairo while you wait for belly dance and other Egyptian special shows. In order to make the most of charming Nile river on day time, you will get a tour after visiting the Pharaonic Village, which I mentioned above.

6. Khan El KhaliliKhan El Khalili

Like Nile River, none of trips to Cairo are completed without visiting Khan El Khalili. This large complex market is quite crowded and exciting. You can find any kinds of goods in this ancient market, such as souvenirs, clothes, bags, fur carpets, water pipe (sisha), perfume, spices, etc. Price of the things is cheap here compared to other places in Cairo, but you can still practice your skill in bargaining in this market. You can spend few hours to discover Khan El Khalili, not only for things but also historical places surrounding it like Midan Hussein, Bayt Al-Suhaymi, Mosque of Al-Azhar, Wekalet El Ghouri Arts Centre. You can wait till evening (around 7pm) to enjoy Al-Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Dance Troupe at Wekalet El Ghouri Arts Centre.

7. Some Architectural and Historical Mosques

Definitely, those brilliant architectural and historical mosques should be added to your places to visit in Cairo.

When you are in Cairo of Egypt, you can visit the following mosques:

  • Islamic Cairo;
  • Mohamed Ali Mosque (Citadel)
  • Sultan Hassan Mosque and Madrassa;
  • Ibn Tulun Mosque;
  • Amr Ibn El-Aas Mosque;
  • Al-Hakim Mosque;

Best Time To Visit Cairo

You can visit Cairo every time in the year. However, to be more comfortable and enjoyable in exploring things and life of Egypt, the best time to visit Cairo is from October till March. The weather will be more pleasant during this time. If you do not mind sun and heat, June till September can be considered. In my experience, during June to September, it’s extremely hot with high temperature. Anyhow, travel to Egypt at any time that you can free yourself from work or school. Travelling is the exploration and relaxation moment, so never mind the weather, isn’t it?

I hope those pieces of information is helpful to you who are going to travel to Cairo, Egypt. I did not have enough time to visit all places here, so if you have any experience in it, please share it with me and other readers for best discovery. See you soon in other posts on my page.

Meanwhile, you can check other places from my Travel section.

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